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Border Crossings: Coming of Age in the Czech Resistance


BORDER CROSSINGS: COMING OF AGE IN THE CZECH RESISTANCE – release of new book about the Czech resistance, filled with heroic adventures and bravery. The book is one man’s remarkable tale of his incredible life and a testament to the human capacity to survive.

K.Ch. in Washington, DC


On September 13, at 6:30 pm, Tomáš Bouška presented the film K. Ch. – The Documentary Portrait of a Female Political Prisoner at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in the USA as part of the Embassy’s Film Club series and on September 14, at 1:30pm at the Institute of World Politics in Washington, DC.

K.Ch. in Finland


Members of the civic organisation Political have introduced the documentary portrait of a former political prisoner Karla Charvatova in yet another foregin destination. The movie was presented on a free-of-charge screening in the Finnish city of Tampere. The presentation was followed by discussion with representatives of  academia and wide public.

The story of Vlasta Jakubová


Vlasta Jakubová was born on March 13, 1925 in Oždany, Slovakia. During World War II she was engaged in the Czech resistance as a contact to her uncle, Colonel Josef Robotka. After February 1948, she joined the anticommunist resistance, again working with her uncle. She was arrested for this “treasonous” activity on August 6, 1949 and given an eighteen year prison sentence.  Her uncle, General Josef Robotka was sentenced to death and executed in 1952. Vlasta stayed at Cejl, Znojmo, Ruzyně and Pardubice prisons and work camps at Minkovice and Chrastava. In 1959 she was set free on probation.

A 21st-Century Evil: Prison Slaves


Largely filmed inside China, this film also included an extensive interview with Harry Wu and much of the footage of the Laogai that he filmed when he went undercover in the 1990s. This exposé details how China forces its 3-5 million prisoners to perform hard labor in unsafe conditions, while exporting the products they make to the international market.

The Story of Harry Wu


Harry Wu was a political prisoner in China for nineteen years after being labeled as a counter-revolutionary by the government. Originally from Shanghai, he was part of the so-called bourgeoisie class and was a university student in Wuhan before he was unjustly imprisoned, without even a trial.

Latest News on K. Ch. Documentary


See the progress of our latest project  K. Ch. - a movie documentary. It is a harrowing but ultimately uplifting story on the tragic yet ultimately uplifting story of a young woman raped, impregnated, and forced to give birth to her prison guard’s child in a former-Czechoslovakian prison in 1948. The film was shot in 2011 in the Czech Republic, and is 42 minutes long. It is available for viewing now.


The Fate of Czechoslovak Political Prisoners after Release


The full rehabilitation of Communist and non-Communist victims of Stalinist repression represented a major problem for the Czechoslovak Communist regime for decades. An article by Klára Pinerová.

K.Ch. - see our movie trailer


Allow us to inform you about the latest project of the volunteer research initiative Political K.Ch., a documentary on the tragic yet ultimately uplifting story of a young woman raped, impregnated, and forced to give birth to her prison guard’s child in a former-Czechoslovakian prison in 1948.

Laogai Museum Grand Opening


On April 7th, Laogai Research Foundation (LRF) hosted the grand opening of its fully renovated Laogai Museum at the Foundation's new offices in Washington, D.C.

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