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Řetízkárna - (Mind)Changing Room


We are bringing to life a community center in a former prisoners´ changing room that became a last-standing witness of the fading memory of the uranium camp called Rovnost (Equality) near the town of Jáchymov. Help us save it and joint he growing community that cares!

Donate Now!


Support finantially the volunteer research initiative Political and help our projects come true!

The Last Lesson


Join our brand new exchange project for applicants from Germany and the Czech Republic!

Secret Radio of Czechoslovak Political Prisoners


The year was 1957. The device was hidden in the latrine of camp Rovnost near Jáchymov. After destroying it, scout and mukl Miroslav Kopt hurriedly cleaned up its remains. This secret device was a radio on which the Czechoslovak political prisoners listened to Radio Free Europe for two years, receiving and spreading news from the west throughout the prison camp.

Study on Leukemia in the Czechoslovak Uranium Miners


Radon exposure has had long-lasting impacts on the health of Czechoslovak uranium miners, many of whom were political prisoners. While it is well known that radon exposure causes lung cancer, this study found that leukemia, and particularly chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), was also significantly associated with this exposure.

Join our seminar in Jachymov!


You are warmly invited to participate in the second educational seminar that takes place in Jáchymov (CZ) on 27 September - 2 October 2019!

Preparatory meeting for the ‘Learning from the Past’ project


From 1 to 3 March, we met in Potsdam to prepare the first seminar to take place as part of the project ‘Learning from the Past.

Learning from the Past: Applications Open!


It is our pleasure to invite you to join an educational project for Czech and German youth workers and teachers of history and civic education. During two seminars the participants will visit several places of memory and will be trained in effective and attractive methods of teaching about the tragic events of the 20th century and the emergence of totalitarian regimes.

Nikolaj Camp (codename A)


The Nikolaj Camp was one of the 18 prisoner labour camps operated by the Czechoslovak communist regime in the uranium mines of the Jáchymov, Horní Slavkov and Příbram regions. It was established in 1951 on the site of a former forced labour camp and shut down in 1958. Nikolaj, with a capacity of almost one thousand prisoners, was infamous for its brutal regime. In the early years, political prisoners represented a very small minority of its inmates and were often subject to open violence by the warders and other prisoners.

We Have Launched Political Prisoners´ Prague with Airbnb


Airbnb is excited to announce the arrival of Trips in Prague, expanding beyond accommodation by offering bookable Experiences hosted by locals in and around the city. We are proud to be part of it. We have introduced a guided tour in the footsteps of the best known political prisoners of Czechoslovak communism. Come and join the tour!

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