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Public Debate on the Commemoration Day of Political Prisoners in Jáchymov visited the town of Jáchymov in north-west Bohemia on 22-23May 2009. Together with our associated youth representatives we addressed former political prisoners during the commemoration ceremonies on the Jáchymov´s town square. Interviews and video messages were recorded and we will make them available soon on this website. The main topic tackled was the role of democracy, freedom and human rights in the history as we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the fall of Iron Courtain.


Our group also accompanied former political prisoner Bohumil Kulišan who guided us through the area of former Tower of Death - uranium grinder where radioactive ore was managed in the 1950s. We will soon report on Mr. Kulišan´s life story too. Last but not least we drove to the mountain districts around the town of Jachymov and we have mapped the former labour camps and ruins of mine pits where Czechoslovak political prisoners used to fight for their lives.



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