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Sightseeing Flight by Political
Our planes we use.
We use mostly Cessna.
Make your own photos from the sky.
Terezin Fortress
Sightseeing Flight by Political

Sightseeing Flight to the Czech Past

Duration: 2 hours (including pre-flight briefing)
Your price: 4999 CZK


Our experienced pilot will fly you in a comfortable four to six passenger airplane from Letnany airport on the outskirts of Prague. Flying 300 meters (1000 feet) above the landscape, you will see for yourself the marks the past has left on the Czech countryside. In an hour-long flight, you will witness the legacy of ruthless resource exploitation of past regimes: sweeping farmlands created by Communist collectivisation, industrial centres, sites of forced labour camps, vast surface mines, monoculture forestry or large water dams. Each flight is different, as we try to cater to the unique interests of our guests.
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